December 20, 2012

My fellow Fast Food Floozies and I consume dollar menu items, combo meals and other fast food for the better part of our week. So we really get around to all the fine South Philly establishments and in most places have become “regulars.” Being regulars brings us in contact with some pretty fabulous people that have the unique ability to make.our.day!

I pull into Dunkin every morning, walk through the front door (yes I go inside), say hi to the white-haired man that also drives a red jeep, then give the little toddler sitting in the high chair a high five (another regular…not much of a coffee drinker but loves those hash browns!), and by the time I get to the counter, my medium caramel iced latte is waiting for me. It doesn’t matter who is working that day, they always know my order. They don’t always know my name, and quite frankly, I don’t always know theirs, but the relationship goes much deeper than that. They love when I ask how their day is going or compliment their new tattoo. It’s a relationship that I hope makes their day as much as they make mine!

When we stepped into Louisiana’s Kitchen for the first time, I studied the menu, went to the counter to order and who was taking my order? It was my favorite pink-haired lady who formerly worked at Dunkin (and every once in a while would hook me up with a free latte). We caught up for a bit and talked about her BIG MOVE next door from Dunkin to Popeyes. After that trip, I bid the pink haired lady adieu and vowed to return.


Spotted: Pegster working hard.
Side bar: Do you see the girl who dared to bring McDs into Chic?! Cross pollination on another level! #disrespect

Good people are all part of the fast food experience! That brings me to one of my favorite places with just downright good people – Chic Fil A! This place is full of goodness from the managers to the Pegster! I find myself thanking them often because they do a great job, but also because I love to hear them say “my pleasure” and not just the overly used, mudane phrase “you’re welcome.” I get complimented on my bangin’ scarf (which I’ve started to wear more frequently since gaining their approval). They give us brownie sundaes for our birthdays, bring condiments to our table and best of all, they take drink refills very seriously.

One employee that must be mentioned by name is Pegster. She is the light of our lunch, the butter to our biscuit, the gin to our tonic, and well…you get the point. Peg does it all. She greets us upon arrival, makes the condiment stand a display of perfection, clears tables, takes trays, does garbage duties, mops the floor and so long as you take the lid off, she will refill your beverage and never mixes them up while handling multiple refills. Pegster works on Wednesdays and Thursdays and so guess what days we go to Chic Fil A – it’ not just any normal day – it’s #PEGSDAY!

Stay tuned for some #PEGSDAY adventures.


The Big Mac Daddy

December 12, 2012

Pardon me while I blush for a moment. I have a confession to make…I have been overtaken by the master himself, the big kahuna, the juicy, thick, BARELY fits in your mouth Big Mac Daddy himself. I know it shocking to think it would be a Fast Food Floozy like Me’s FIRST TIME. But it was, and it was AMAZING. It truly was love at first taste the first time that secret sauce hit my lips, the first time it’s extra breading crumbled at my bite, the first time I put that McDonald’s Big Mac in my mouth!

Nadine hit the Mezz Level around 11:00am earlier than normal for this anxious foodie. Why the early appearance you may ask? Her reason was justified as she came blazing around the corner waving Free Big Mac coupons in the air, celebrating the 76ers reaching over 100 points in their big win the night prior. It was determined right then and there where we would be heading for lunch. Rule #1 of TFFS NEVER, I mean NEVER, turn down a FREE sandwich. (editors note: unless it’s a Filet-O-Fish and in that case even the homeless man under the I-95 underpass would pass up that freebie #Don’tBlameHim) As giddy laughter filled the office in anticipation of our free lunch I sunk low in my cubicle and made the embarrassing announcement that I have never had a Big Mac before. I was overwhelmed as even *GASP* the salad eaters and non-fast food eaters in the room had yelled out exclaiming “Even I have had a Big Mac.” My decision was made at that moment: today was the day I will be a Big Mac virgin no more.

After a coupon scare, traffic on the way to Mickey D’s and suspicious police activity I finally sat down to indulge in my very first Big Mac. It was everything it’s cracked up to be. I even threw caution to the wind and went WITHOUT KETCHUP! A true floozy would never use a back-up condiment when was secret sauce is involved. My ONLY regret of the visit…is not getting a picture! Usually people are hesitant to document their first time but I was ready for this photo to go viral! I am already anxious for another McDonald’s visit the Big Mac Daddy has left me drooling for more.

Trading in my #7 for a #1 – Chicken No More



Shit Aint Dull

December 11, 2012

Cajun Sparkle. It’s not a Twitter handle of a Bourbon Street stripper or a new History Channel spin off show from the creators of Cajun Pawn Stars or even a dance straight outta the Bayou here to dethrone the Dougie. It’s a little packet of, well, I don’t exactly know.

It all started on a trip to the newly opened Popeyes in South Philly. After ordering and grabbing a seat, Lauren brings this handi wipe looking packet to the table and said she found Cajun Sparkle semi-hidden at the condiment counter. The packet instructs to “Sprinkle on to suit your tastes.” After opening we realize it’s a Cajun seasoning that you just sprinkle on whatever you want. Mashed potatoes? Sure! Fries? Why not! Chicken Nugs? Hells yea! It tastes awesome on everything! We’ve even cross pollinated to other establishments with it. Chick-fil-a and Mickey D’s fries are transformed with a dash of this magical Cajun Sparkle.  Upon realizing we unearthed this gem we did what any normal fast food addict (or geriatric woman) would do…we stuck some in our purse.

What’s in it? Beats the shit out of me. Apparently it’s some super-secret recipe that people have been trying to duplicate.  Here’s TopSecretRecipes.com’s best guess…Salt, ground black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, rubbed dried sage, paprika, MSG and cayenne pepper.

Either way it’s delicious and we highly recommend you score some at your next trip to good ole’ Popeyes.

tffs3     tffs2     sparkle


– NE

McDonald’s CBO

December 5, 2012

As we pulled in to the Oregon Ave. McDonald’s parking lot, the back way through the Burger King Parking lot, we noticed a banner prominently displayed of the brick wall surrounding the dumpsters (picture that!). It was for a new sandwich! Much to our excitement we looked for more information on this new “C.B.O”–chicken (grilled or crispy!) or burger with cheddar, bacon and onion–yum!

Justine and I couldn’t resist, and we both went for the crispy chicken. I couldn’t wait to dig into the sandwich with fried onions and that delicious sauce mixed with crispy bacon and cheddar cheese. Although a little messy and sometimes overwhelming with a medium fry and refillable soda, I give the crispy chick two well-manicured thumbs up.

I have been back multiple times since and can’t stray from that excellent choice. In all fairness, I do need to try the others out. Have you given the CBO a try? Let us know!

UPDATE: McDonald’s to add lighter version of CBO to the dollar menu in late December. WOOHOO! It is reported that the sandwich will lack the bacon, thus making it just the CO sandwich. What are your thoughts?

Dolla Holla Low Down

November 27, 2012

And the newest lunchtime blog has just been launched!

Justine, Nadine and I look forward to bringing you some of the most exciting, sometimes awkward, but mostly fun-filled lunchtime experiences as we visit all the fast food chains South Philly has to offer.